Clubroom tea point / kitchen

Clubroom tea point / kitchen


  1. Hall Hire Charges are based upon an hourly charge of £15 per hour, effective from 1 April 2016. This includes the use of all the facilities including tables, chairs and crockery.
  2. Off site Table and Chair Hire. The Clubroom’s tables and chairs may also be hired for use off site at the following charges:
    • Tables(each). £3 per day
    • Chairs(each). 50p per day

Booking Form

Please refer to the Availability calendar to check your required date(s).

If date is available and you wish to make, or discuss a booking please phone or text 07802 972722.
Alternatively email –

Confirmation and Payment

Once your booking has been confirmed you will be asked to confirm you have read the terms and conditions and agreed to the payment arrangements.

Terms and Conditions

Please read also the End of Session Check List and the Fire Regulation & Emergency Procedure (all links open in new windows)